In a fast-paced time like nowadays a little bit more patience could make us stronger

This morning on my way to the lecture hall as I crossed the street and the traffic light turned red just before I reached the crossing I thought at first, ‘Damn, I’m in a hurry!’.

Then I asked myself: ‘Why are you rushing? The light has turned red, the cars are driving and you can’t do a thing about it.”

I realized, not looking at my smartphone by the way, that I can use this time to take a short meditation and refill a little bit of my energy while waiting that the lights turn green again.

The fact that there a several crossing and the chances are big that I have to wait, I can try to prevent rushing from crossing to crossing and instead take the opportunity to slow down a little bit and renew my mental strength.

Too often nowadays we rush through the whole day and keep the power consumption non-stop on highest levels. Loosing patience and therefore the energy to really be productive and creative.

So stop rushing all day and start snatching your opportunities to live a better life.

Any thoughts of your own?

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