Hello there! 👋

My name is Alex. I am posting from the sweet city of Darmstadt in the Rhein-Main-Area, Germany. You’ll see a wild mix of English and German on this blog, as I’m equally confronted with both languages in my day-to-day live and sometimes I just can’t help it to say something in German.

As co-founder and CTO of othermo GmbH, operator of a small ActivityPub-Community on darmstadt.social and maintainer of this and that in the FOSS ecosystem I mostly write about technical stuff, experiences and my professional journey. As passionate hobby barista, gamer, movie and series watcher, climber and singer you will as well find other stuff here.

Sometimes I write detailed articles about a specific topic, but I will publish in a rough and not very refined state. This is my blog after all, so I publish as fast and much as I can to get it out the system. From time to time you may find more refined articles hand-picked of these topics on bigger platforms, such as the FedoraMagazine.

Contact, Discussions and Comments

For discussions and comments I invite you to to send me toot on Mastodon.

If you want to drop me a GPG encrypted message use my public key.

I’m also available on Matrix. If you don’t have a matrix account yet, feel free to join the Matrix server on darmstadt.social online or use matrix.darmstadt.social as the homeserver address in any matrix client, such as Element or FluffyChat.

If you just want to chill out on a cup of coffee drop me a Jitsi link. As for random room names I prefer food and game related ones.

Here a neat table view because I like tables:

Service Handle
Mastodon @w4tsn@darmstadt.social
Matrix @w4tsn:darmstadt.social
Jitsi Open any room

Want to support me?

If you find what I’m doing valuable, don’t hesitate to tell me via any known channel. Your feedback is much appreciated. 💖

Apart from that I also accept money for coffee and sweets (you may also invite me to a coffee at Timm’s). See my Liberapay for transfers via Debit Card or IBAN.

Most of my (monthly) expenses I dedicate to public projects stem from the following:

The cost for darmstadt.social specifically is 30€ a month.