Custom display resolution under Wayland is "interesting"

Apparently it is not straight forward to set a custom display resolution under Wayland. Fedora 37 uses Wayland by default and if you, like me, use a monitor and graphics card / driver combination which don’t understand each other very well, you might be screwed. Putting it simply, I’m talking about information from the monitor about it’s resolution(s) not reaching the gnome display settings.

In X11 land you usually have XML configuration files you can change. To be fair, getting EDID information and ModeLines under X11 is not straight forward either. At least it feels somewhat forcible though, which might be the problem.

In Wayland this is expected to just work. If it does not work file a bug report against Wayland, the graphics driver or generally your distro. If however you want to quick fix or hack it nevertheless, then the DRM module of the linux kernel has you covered. Via the right kernel parameter you can tell your kernel to load a specific edid binary file for a specific display connector. Stay tuned as I’m writing up an article on the details on how to make use of this on Fedora Linux.

Any thoughts of your own?

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