The Phoenix

Ever imagined passion could be like a majestic phoenix?

The phoenix is an image for strength, elegance and also immortality.

With passion it is exactly the same. The ones who are blessed with the phoenix of passion are strong. Nobody can stop them fulfilling their dreams. Even if they make mistakes or fail at first they will never stop looking forward.

Those who do things with passion also do it with elegance. It’s their baby and therefore gets the full attention and love. Every little detail is important.

The most important fact about passion is it’s immortality. Even a phoenix reaches his limit someday but like many other things in life it won’t pass. It will take a rest for some time and come back if it is the right time and place to do so.

The good news is, that all human beings have this majestic phoenix somewhere hidden in their soul. Mostly it just isn’t awake yet. To awake it needs love and understanding to yourself and your true needs.

The ones of you who wish the phoenix to rise again must stop to wish it and concentrate on your goals, your interests and yourself in the first place. Never stop fighting for what you really want, what you really need.

If you do so it will impress the passion in the bottom of your soul and will finally elicit it.

Passion starts when you stop thinking and just do the things with your heart. But what does that mean? Maybe I will find the right words someday. Till then I wish you good luck in finding back to yourself and awakening the phoenix of passion again.

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