FOSS Report 2021.11

About FOSS Reports

From now on I’m going to compose reports of the work I do around Free and Open Source projects as part of my mental health strategy. In this experiment I summarize my work to anchor my thoughts, appreciate time and effort I spent and keep a journal to wrap it all up at the end of the year. It helps me to reinforce my strategy and goals and keep a focus on things.

Disclaimer: despite the name not all projects in this résumé are FOSS projects by definition. I just consider it being part of the bigger picture.

November 2021 in FOSS

On 01. November 2021 my article Multiple Matrix sessions with Element on Fedora Linux was released on the FedoraMagazine. The article was also featured in This Week in Matrix, which really made my day!

On 20. November 2021 I released patch version 1.1.1 of node-red-contrib-protobuf (source, npm) which brings a fix for field names containing underscores.

Work on build-ah-engine continues with a small addition of now being able to supply a custom build context inside your repository.

Our feature implementation of a provisioning server for RPM-OSTree-Engine continues and reached it’s finalization stage. We now concentrate on bug fixes and finishing up the release 0.7.0 which I expect to land beginning of December. In the middle of December, before Christmas, or maybe beginning of 2022, we’ll wrap up and release the 1.0.0 release which will most importantly incorporate a documentation and some work around the edges. Besides that we plan to mirror the project to the Fedora Project VCS and work on pipeline templates and examples for other build systems. I hope to finally get the projects visibility and usability increased so that our work really becomes useful to others in the Fedora IoT community. Versions 0.6.0 and 0.6.5 are still missing their articles on this blog which I’ll publish soon.

That’s it for my November 2021! I’m pretty excited. I hope your November was splendid as well and I wish you a marvellous December and Advent of Code :)

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